Why ITelSib?
The Team
The strongest point of our company is a professional team. ITelSib was built up in 1998 as a group of seasoned IT professionals aimed at the development of efficient, reliable and high performance software solutions. ITelSib has a strong proven proficiency in the R&D type of projects. The ITelSib software engineers and managers have degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics to understand the language of scientists and engineers. Yet we are flexible enough to translate scientific research results and definitions into readable and product oriented software requirements specifications without losing of details.

Some facts about our team:
  • 30+ software engineers on the staff - all graduates of Novosibirsk's leading universities.
  • 4 ITeSib'ers have Ph.D in Computer Science; 20+ have master's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.
  • Most developers have more than 10 years' experience in the software industry.
  • Extremely low attrition rate. The key personnel are retained from the company's foundation.
  • Absolutely all ITelSib managers have a strong technical background.
  • The ITelSib developers have a good command of English.
  • ITelSib is able to quickly increase both permanent and part-time staff when your project requires more manpower than we currently have.

Specific Domain Expertise
ITelSib specializes in system software development for the telecommunication industry and embedded systems. We focus our efforts and know-how on the specific application domain of information technologies. As a result we have an extensive hand-on knowledge base in this application domain, we use proven methods and offer you quality and high-performance solutions in the domain.

Quality Development Process
To achieve the production of high quality software, delivering it to you on time and within the budget ITelSib's management, development and QA procedures are based on the —MMI and ISO 9001 standards. We do not blindly follow these industry standards; project specifics are considered and if needed we modify our management and development procedures to particular project requirements and their goals.

We'll never promise anything we know we can't deliver. We spend more time on preliminary consultation than other companies. That initial investment of time smoothes out the development process and allows you to see benefits sooner without incurring hidden costs.

For example, a typical process of project execution for projects based on the fixed-price model looks as follows:

The first stage of the project is estimation of the work and costs required for project completion. The estimation stage result is a Technical Proposal that includes:
  • A list of assumptions and limitations that make the project specifications more accurate.
  • A project architecture and tools overview.
  • A project plan, prepared in MS Project, that includes a Work breakdown structure and project schedule.
  • A list of deliverables.
  • A risk list.
  • The total project cost.
If the conditions described in the Technical Proposal are acceptable for you (maybe after some discussions) we begin the project.

The following artifacts are the results of the subsequent stages of the project:
  • Architecture stage - software architecture design documents
  • Development stage - source code, executables, unit tests, manuals
  • Testing stage - Test plan, test design, tests and checklists with their results
We can deploy the resulting software solution on your servers and systems and tune it for your environment. A contract typically includes a limited time of free support and bug fixing.

Our management and development methods allow outsourcing some stages/parts of the project if needed. This helps us to join in a project at any stage or to perform some stages of a project.

All project tasks in your project will be performed by competent specialists and each stage of the project will be independently reviewed. Each task has a date of completion and deliverables so the project manager always knows where the project is. The project manager is the only person who can assign tasks to software developers so it is impossible that a developer does an unnecessary or wrong job.

The Infrastructure
ITelSib has all necessary infrastructure required for successful software project development and for the customer's data protection:
  • Modern workplaces;
  • Servers with various configurations;
  • Various tools for software development and software life-cycle management;
  • Restricted office access;
  • The corporate LAN is protected by firewalls. Access is allowed using secure protocols (ssh, HTTPS) only;
  • Strong antivirus and anti-malware protection;
  • All project information, data, and source code are stored on servers with strictly limited access rights. The servers are located in a separate room with restricted access.
  • We can do remote work on the customer's servers, which helps to avoid the transfer of some artifacts and to speed up the project team performance. ITelSib is connected to the Internet via two independent highly reliable 100 Mbit optical lines, which allows such remote development.

We can take additional security and data protection measures on your request, for example:
  • A separate subnet and servers for the project;
  • Strictly restricted file copy and file transfer - no floppies, disabled USB interfaces, disabled or controlled file transfer protocols;
  • A separate office with strictly restricted access.

Legal Issues and Intellectual Property Rights
ITelSib signs a contract and NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with a customer, and ITelSib is legally responsible for the fulfillment of the contract, which first of all means the timely delivery of quality software and the customer's data protection. You may select a country of jurisdiction for the contract, special NDA and other legal issues.

ITelSib pays special attention to the customer's data and source code security and protection. We typically use the following legal means:
  • An NDA between the customer and ITelSib;
  • The appropriate NDA clauses in the employment contracts with ITelSib developers.

The customer has the full IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) for all software delivered.

Please visit the Services page to take a look at the brief descriptions of the business models of software development services that we provide.

Consulting on ODC Establishing and Project Outsourcing
ITelSib has an extensive experience in Offshore Development Center (ODC) establishment and management. Our managers obtain suitable techniques to make the process of building an ODC as smooth as possible. We are ready to provide you with consulting on any issue related to ODC establishment and help you to outsource your projects.

  • What should we do to begin software project outsourcing?
  • How to manage knowledge transfer?
  • How can you be confident that the outsourced project is on track and the delivery dates will not drift?
  • How can you be confident that the QA procedures were actually performed?
  • How can you be confident that your intellectual property rights and your confidential information, data, and source code will be safe?
  • How to manage interaction between the on-site team and ODC?

If you see your own questions or doubts on this list we are ready to help you to analyze them and prepare advice on outsourcing opportunities and on ODC establishing. Please send us an email to