ITelSib offers custom software development, consulting and R&D services in the areas of our core expertise including embedded systems, telecom and networking software development. We deliver our services using the following business models:
  • Fixed price
  • Time and material
  • Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Fixed Price
This plan is the best fit when you need to outsource a project with definite requirements and specifications. The ITelSib software engineers estimate the amount of work required to develop a specified software system or product. Along with estimation you will get a project plan, list of deliverables, and delivery dates. ITelSib and the customer sign a contract for the project when all details of the project are made clear and all terms are determined. The main point of the contract is our obligation to deliver specified software on time and on budget.

Time and Material
This model is better for projects without strict specifications or for support and modification style projects, when you need our services for a long time but considerable proportion of tasks might appear or change quickly. ITelSib regularly (usually monthly) sends you reports on the results and deliverables, actual work performed and your costs.

Offshore Development Center (ODC)
You should consider an ODC when you need a dedicated team for your software development projects. You may think of an ODC as a virtual extension of your company. An offshore development center suits for a long-term relationship when you need a stable team with an excellent understanding of your product and deep expertise in its application domain. Typically ODCs carry out projects such as the development, support, and maintenance of your software products and their components, and the company's internal software systems. Software product development can include various R&D activities. The ODC business model presumes that you pay for a fixed number of full-time staff yet when you need more staff for your project you can request ITelSib either for additional full-time developers for your ODC or for temporary and part-time staff.

The start of an Offshore Development Center or any other type of projects with ITelSib involves no up front or extra expenses, you pay for the actually performed work only. ITelSib bears all operating expenses such as office rent, hardware, internet, taxes, and others.

In all service delivery models ITelSib signs a contract and an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with the customer, and ITelSib is legally responsible for the fulfillment of the contract, which first of all means the timely delivery of quality software and the customer's data protection. The customer has the full IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) for all software delivered.