ITelSib provides custom software development, IT consulting and R&D services. Our team of experienced IT professionals specializes in system programming, porting, and testing. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in the development of telecom and networking applications and middleware, XML, Web Services and SOA; in the implementation of telecom protocols (GSM, 3G, VoIP, proprietary protocols) for various platforms - Unix-like, Windows, and embedded systems. The last couple of years we are developing and implementing methods in machine learning and big data. We are glad to offer the wealth of our expertise to your business.

Today's businesses often need to shorten the product development cycle under the pressure of competitors. More and more products include software and communication parts so product development teams often need access to specific expertise. ITelSib can become the center of expertise in telecommunication and networking protocols and software, embedded device programming, software porting, and testing for your company.

ITelSib specializes in difficult projects and our developers can solve complicated problems. Our customers typically have complex requirements and expect high performance which we deliver. In implementing a large number of projects, the company has perfected a reliable technique of custom software development, which allows the successful creation of sophisticated software products and solutions for your business and your customers. We provide a full cycle service including the customers' support, software maintenance and enhancement.

Our technological expertise in creating the communications basis for various applications helps you to substantially reduce the time to market for your products and systems, to quickly respond to the appearance of new devices, platforms, and change in standards that should be supported by your products and solutions. Our project management methods and QA practices let us deliver quality software on time and on budget.

To become an ITelSib client or to get detailed information about the company, services and terms please send us an email to